Package FUE Sapphire by Dr. Gokhan Gur

Maximum number of grafts in 1 day or 2 consecutive days

  • Procedures performed by the Surgeon:
    • Consultation & Diagnosis,
    • Extraction of Grafts,
    • Design,
    • Opening of Channels.
  • Blood test
  • Local anaesthetic
  • PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • First postoperative wash
  • Medication, shampoo and lotion for postoperative care
  • 2-3 Nights accommodation in Hotel 4*  (breakfast included)
  • All transfers
  • Translator (we speak your language)
  • Patient follow-up for 12-18 months
  • Payment can be done en € (EURO) or equivalent £ (GBP) or $ (USD)

Your surgery price will be based on the number of grafts needed. Our Doctor will assess thoroughly your case to prepare a detailed evaluation where the overall number of grafts estimated will be established, as well as the number of days needed for your surgery.

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