Effectiveness of minoxidil and considering other options

la efectividad del Minoxidil

There are many types of alopecia that are very difficult to address. Minoxidil is a very specific action treatment that produces results for all tastes. It is essential that you know more about its operation and determine if it is really effective or not for you.

Pros and Cons of Minoxidil

In favor of the medication:

This treatment will help irrigate the scalp and the root of the follicle, specifically, so that it has enough oxygen and nutrients to prevent the fall. It will also produce an increase in the number of follicles in the growth phase, improving and providing greater density of hair. In approximately 6 months, an increase in hair thickness of up to 30% occurs. Specifically, it is the one-year-mark when the maximum of its effects is usually detected. With this it can be said that the medication can help increase the thickness of weaker hair and gain volume.

There are many people who defend Minoxidil, especially when combined with other types of treatments to stop alopecia, for example with finasteride. On the other hand, this treatment is effective when you have recently lost your hair and, above all, it can offer you good results if you are between 18 and 45 years old. It may be more useful to be able to fill in and provide better results in the crown area.

Against this treatment

Minoxidil is not going to produce new hair, it will simply stimulate and maintain hair bulbs so they stay alive. It is a treatment that fights alopecia in a generalised way, so it is less effective in the entrance areas, that is, with androgenic alopecia or frontal alopecia.

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It is a treatment, practically, for life. It is clear that it will not cure you of baldness since, after stopping the treatment, the hair is lost. It can be uncomfortable since it has to be applied twice a day, without missing any, as it could stop working.

In addition, it has many side effects. For example, it can cause the appearance of hair in unwanted areas, such as the face or chest. Also, it can produce tachycardia or precordial pain as unwanted effects, so it is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease.

You should always use this medicine with the opinion and advice of a professional, as it contains a variety of compounds that can interact with other drugs. You should also take special precaution with contact with eyes or sensitive skin, as it can cause irritation to the scalp and redness. 

Minoxidil as a complement to Hair Transplant

It is clear that the use of Minoxidil can bring us remarkable results. However, a hair transplant is usually a definitive and even much more effective solution. With it, we can reposition the bulbs and transplant them to the frontal and crown areas where you may lack hair. The realization of a hair transplant usually achieves very satisfactory and lasting results, the use of medication such as Minoxidil, helps to maximize these results so that its use as a complement is absolutely indicated.



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